Windy Cape

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1. Somewhere Far Away From Here
2. I’m Soaring To Heaven
3. Jupiter Sign
4. Nobody Knows
5. After Years Of Madness
6. Nights In My Room (New Age Mix)
7. Sleepy Silence
8. July’s Afternoon
9. I Saw The Moonrise In Your Eyes
10. Stars In The Sky
11. We Close Our Eyes And Falling Up
12. In A Lifetime
13. This Time
14. Time In My Life (Live)
15. Jupiter Sign (Space-Intro Mix)
16. After Years Of Madness (Extended Version)
17. Nights In My Room (Classic Version 2003)
18. July’s Afternoon (Daylight Re-Mix)

Single Credits

Release Date: July 27, 2005
Publisher: West Studio
Label: The White Rock Records
Format: CD
Country: Ukraine
Barcode: K 014212 BE / WRCD – 011
Arranged: Maxim Mikhaylov
Produced: Maxim Mikhaylov
Co-produced: Elena Ilnickaya, Alexey Lemdyanov
Keyboards And Bass: Maxim Mikhaylov
Guitars: Eugene Voytov
Guitars: Boris Am
Guitars: Maxim Sheepachov (track: 18)
Lead And Backing Vocals: Maxim MIkhaylov
Backing Vocals: Alexandr Sheelko (track: 14)
Engineer: Maxim Mikhaylov
All Songs Written: Maxim Mikhaylov