Time In My Life

Secret Land - Time In My Life 2001

Secret Land - Time In My Life 2001

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1. The Way Life’s Meant To Be
2. Road Of Love
3. Always In My Heart (There)
4. The Same Old Song
5. You Could Be Mine
6. Your Life Has Just Begun
7. The Gates Of Your Heart
8. Once Upon A Time
9. Close To The Light
10. I Wanna Say Alright
11. Tonight
12. The Same Old Song (Extended Version)
13. Time In My Life (Live – 20.12.2000)
14. You Could Be Mine (Live – 16.03.2001)
15. The Same Old Song (Depression Remix)

Single Credits

Release Date: May 22, 2001
Publisher: West Studio
Label: The White Rock Records
Format: Cassete / CD
Country: Ukraine
Barcode: D 992822 / WR 203921-1
Arranged: Maxim Mikhaylov
Keyboards And Bass: Maxim Mikhaylov
Producer: Alexandr Sheelko, Maxim Mikhaylov
Co-producer: Elena Ilnickaya
All Songs Written: Maxim Mikhaylov