Midnight Hall

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1.Dreams From The Midnight Hall
2.Sometimes In Empty Place
3.Midnight Hall
4.I Need Your Love, I Feel Your Touch
5.The Same Old Song
6.Nights In My Room
7.When The Rain Comes Down Again
8.Moments Of Life
9.She Lived Behind The University
10.Evening Sky
11.Time In My Life
12.One More Day In A Crowded Cafe
13.Your Life Has Just Begun
14.Dreams From The Midnight Hall 2
15.Sometimes In Empty Place (Extended Mix)
16.Midnight Hall (Hello Midnight Hall Mix)
17.Nights In My Room (Extended Mix)
18.Crowded Cafe (First Early Demo)

Single Credits

Release Date: April 10, 2002
Publisher: West Studio
Label: The White Rock Records
Format: Cassete / CD (Limited)
Country: Ukraine
Barcode: A 43212 BS / WR 203945-1
Arranged: Maxim Mikhaylov
Produced: Maxim Mikhaylov
Co-producer: Elena Ilnickaya, Maxim Sheepachov
Keyboards And Bass: Maxim Mikhaylov
Rhythm Guitars: Maxim Sheepachov
Lead And Backing Vocals: Maxim MIkhaylov
Backing Vocal: Julia Marchenko
Engineer: Maxim Mikhaylov
All Songs Written: Maxim Mikhaylov