“Lost On The Railways” has been released

Greetings to all visitors! Today single “Lost On The Railways” has been released. Currently single is available in the official online stores around the world. Below you can find the links of online stores where you can buy the single. The big request to all fans of “Crimeanization” to support “Faceless Ambitions”. The single is very cheap. You will support Maxim Mikhaylov’s music to purchase new single in official stores only. Thank you all!

Online Stores

* list will be updated

iTunes (World)
Google Play (World)
Amazon.US (USA)
Amazon.UK (United Kingdom)
Amazon.FR (France)
Amazon.It (Italy)
Amazon.ES (Spain)
Amazon.JP (Japan)
Google Play (World)
YandexMusic (World)
OpenLive (World)
Technics Tracks (World)
7Digital (World)
Hmvdigital (World)
OnkyoMusic (World)
KKBox (Taiwan)

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