The new single Lost On The Railways

Greetings to all visitors! A small explanation why a new project. This is due to the sanctions imposed on the Crimean peninsula. Faceless Ambitions – a continuation Crimeanizations. All music, lyrics and producing owned by Maxim Mikhaylov. All the material is recorded in Germany and distributed by the German distributor. Today we officially announce the single Lost On The Railways will be released January 11, 2016 and will be available for purchase in Amazon, iTunes, GooflePlay and other. Now the single  can be viewed on all Amazon’s websites in worldwide. Later, with the advent of new stores, we will supplement the news with new links. Also today the single Lost On The Railways is available for listening and viewing on the SoundCloud and YouTube.  Attention! The sound have a compression 128kbs and format MP3. Please wait for the release of the single and get official the highest quality. Request to all music fans of Maxim Mikhaylov’s music and his project Crimeanization. Please support our new project join and follow us in social groups Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You really will help in the development of the Faceless Ambitions project.

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